People go to universities to study and prepare themselves for good jobs. They join gymnasiums and hire personal trainers to help them condition their bodies so they can stay fit and healthy. But they enter the most important relationships of their lives and become lovers with little or no information about what it takes to have a mutually satisfying sex life. Without intimate wisdom it is impossible to extend yourself in a way that is meaningful to your lover. That is why so many people quickly move on to another relationship and start over.

Have you ever felt isolated and lonely, even though you were in a relationship? Have you ever valued your relationship, but dreaded to have sex? Do you ever get into relationships for the sex, then feel neglected and rejected, or experience abandonment? Is it easy for you to have an orgasm solo, but difficult or impossible to have one during sexual intercourse? Have you ever felt confused, lonely, shunned, ashamed, hurt or unwanted? If so, you are not alone. Help is also available for performance anxiety, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, virginity issues, prostate problems, anorgasmia, inorgasmia, gender identity issues, and more.

I offer fully clothed, sit-down face-to-face counseling to men, women, and couples in a professional office. I also teach classes and have small group therapy. Group therapy and class prices vary according to what is being offered. The fee for private one-on-one therapy is $100 per hour. I do not accept insurance, but I can give you a letter or invoice to provide the insurance company if you have a deductible plan. Please answer the questions on the screening page if you would like to make an appointment.